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Brenda Martínez Luna (she/her/hers)

Technical Coordinator

Year of Study and Program

2nd year; Majoring in Arts Management with minors in Theatre and Performance and Film and Literature

Why did you join Drama Society?

I joined the Drama Society because I've always felt a strong passion for expressing myself through art, and this was the perfect outlet to do it. I just fell in love with working on plays with a group of people that is also passionate about theatre and making stories come to life, and the Drama Society provided a perfect opportunity for that.

I'm looking most forward to...

I'm really looking forward to working with the rest of the team and with new members that want to join us! I think it's so much fun to see people coming together to create, and I especially love how genuinely good friendships can develop from it, it's so great.

What do you enjoy outside of school, clubs, and work?

I'm a big movie buff, whenever I get free time, there is a 9 out of 10 chance I'm watching something out of Kate Winslet's filmography. Other than that, I really love reading, drawing, going on long walks, hanging out with my friends, and exploring the city, all of the above while listening to Taylor Swift.

Can you give some advice to students looking to get involved?

Just go for it! I know it's super daunting to try something that maybe you've never done before, or joining a group of people that has already been working together, but everyone is super welcoming here and this club is meant to be a learning space, you truly won't regret getting involved in our different events throughout the year! Believe in yourself and try it out!

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