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Alyssa Brubacher

Artistic Director

Year of Study and Program

5th year, Majoring in Theatre and Performance with Minors in History and Literature and Film Studies

Favourite part of Drama Society?

"Drama Society is a wonderful resource for students both in and outside of the arts looking to gain quality theatre experience or experiment with a hobby. I'd like to believe its low-risk, high-reward and allows students to craft meaningful relationships with their peers! Getting like-minded theatre creatives of all abilities together to create and play is always going to breed something special."

I'm looking most forward to...

"The obvious answer is getting back to in-person programming. The digital space provided us with the ability to continue our work when all else was uncertain and I'm sure we're all grateful for that, but for decidedly non-tech savvy individuals like myself - I'm simply itching to get back to the brick and mortar practice of theatre making. To be safely with our community again is what I'm always going to be looking forward to."

What do you enjoy outside of school, clubs, and work?

"I am incredibly passionate about film, when I get a moment to myself I can typically be found at the movie theatre, reading about film, and writing about film for a couple of student publications. Toronto is an embarrassment of riches for a film lover and I'm always taking advantage of the city's great independent cinemas program offerings. If you can't reach me, chances are I'm in a big dark theatre mid way through a film - sorry in advance."

Can you give some advice to students looking to get involved?

"Getting involved can feel daunting, especially in the your first year of university. But our Exec team is a foundation of knowledge and information when it comes to all things Drama Society, and we're totally here to help you! If you have any questions, we're not only able to answer them but we would love to. You have no idea how my little old heart sparkles when I get a message from someone looking to participate in Drama Society activities, really."

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