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Shannora Lankanathar (She/They)


Year of Study and Program

4th year;  Double major in Theatre and Performance & Mental Health Studies

Favourite part of Drama Society?

The friends I made along the way <3

Jokes aside, I do love that I've made friends with people through being part of shows with DS or just being part of the executive team. It's so nice to be able to make art with people I enjoy spending time with. DS takes a huge part of my brain so it's great to have people to share interests with and talk to about things that they relate to, because they understand the stress of being a student while also working on productions, sometimes many at a time.

I'm looking most forward to...

I'm excited to see the new faces that participate in our season, as I get to meet so many new people from different programs and years of study! I also am looking forward to the shows we produce this year after having such a successful in-person season last year!

What do you enjoy outside of school, clubs, and work?

I like to do arts and crafts, like painting or friendship bracelets. I like to play some video games too! I also like to rewatch the same shows whenever I need background noise while doing work or assignments.

Can you give some advice to students looking to get involved?

Just go for it! It sounds easier said than done, but honestly, just go for something without thinking too hard about whether you're good enough or whether you'll embarrass yourself. That's what theatre is all about, taking risks! Think of it as a learning experience, like you're training yourself to be more adventurous and confident, rather than as this big decision to get involved.

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