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Megan Crossland (She/Her)


Year of Study and Program

2rd year; Double Major in History and Political Science

Why did you join Drama Society?

I joined the Drama Society because I did theatre all throughout high school and absolutely loved it! I wanted to continue pursing theatre as an extracurricular and the Drama Society seemed like the perfect fit.

I'm looking most forward to...

I am most looking forward to seeing the amazing work that will be produced by the many talented students within Drama Society. I also cannot wait to meet new students who join our team this year!

What do you enjoy outside of school, clubs, and work?

Outside of school and Drama Society I enjoy swimming, reading, planning and pricing out trips that I know will evidently never happen, and hanging out with my friends annoying them with all my excessive Disney and Twilight knowledge.

Can you give some advice to students looking to get involved?

My piece of advice would be to go for it! It can be scary but the drama society is a great place to try out new things and step out of your comfort zone!

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